John Galsworthy









Multiple Choices:

1.       All of the following are dramatists of the Modern Period in England except _____.

A.      George Bernard Shaw

B.      John Galsworthy

C.      Oscar Wilde

D.     William Butler Yeats

2.       John Galsworthy is one of the most prominent _____ century English _____ writers.

A.      19th … realistic

B.      19th … naturalistic

C.      20th … realistic

D.     20th … naturalistic

3.       Which of the following writers didn’t win the Nobel Prize for Literature?

A.      George Bernard Shaw

B.      John Galsworthy

C.      William Butler Yeats

D.     James Joyce

4.       Soames Forsyte is the central figure of in Galsworthy’s _____.

A.      The Forsyte Saga

B.      To Let

C.      Fraternity

D.     The Freelands

5.       Which of the following works is not one of Galsworthy’s plays?

A.      The Silver Box

B.      The Silver Spoon

C.      Strife

D.     Justice

6.       John Galsworthy’s trilogy The Forsyte Sag consists of _____ in time order and two interludes.

A.      The Man of Property, To Let and In Chancery

B.      To Let, The Man of Property and In Chancery

C.      In Chancery, The Man of Property and To Let

D.     The Man of Property, In Chancery and To Let

7.       _____ is the main theme of most of Galsworthy’s plays.

A.      family history

B.      fraternity

C.      social problems of his time

D.     love

8.       Which of the following does not belong to Galsworthy’s three trilogies?

A.      The Man of Property

B.      The Forsyte Saga

C.      A Modern Comedy

D.     The End of the Chapter

9.       John Galsworthy is also a great stylist. His style is remarkable for _____.

A.      its strength and elasticity

B.      its powerful sweep, brilliant illustrations

C.      its deep psychological analysis

D.     all of the above

10.   All of the following comments are right about John Galsworthy except _____.

A.      Galsworthy dwelled on the social problems and criticized the bourgeois society at his time.

B.      Galsworthy had bourgeois conservatism which is evident in the works written after WWI.

C.      In his later life, facing the crisis of British imperialism and the growing forces of socialism, Galsworthy began to further criticize the decadent bourgeoisies

D.     Galsworthy’s criticism of the bourgeoisie was limited to the spheres of ethics and aesthetics.

11.   The Man of Property contains a comprehensive sketch of the whole Forsyte family of ___ generations.

A.      three

B.      four

C.      five

D.     six

12.   A Modern Comedy, one of Galsworthy’s trilogies is composed of _____ and two interludes.

A.      The Country House, The White House and The Silver Box

B.      The White House, The Silver Box and Swan Song

C.      The White House, The Silver Spoon and Swan Song

D.     The Fraternity, The Swan Song and The Country House

13.   Which of the following is wrong about The Fortsyte Saga?

A.      The Fortsyte Saga shows the features of critical realism of Galsworthy.

B.      The Fortsyte Saga’s central figure takes the accumulation of wealth and property as his aim of life.

C.      The Fortsyte Saga is Galsworthy’s first trilogy which consists of merely three novels.

D.     The Fortsyte Saga marks the summit of Galsworthy’s craftsmanship.

14.   In The Fortsyte Saga, Soames Forsyte’s ex-wife _____ falls in love with an architect Phillip Bosinney.

A.      Madame Lamotte

B.      Annette

C.      Fleur

D.     Irene Helen

15.   _____ are considered Galsworthy’s monumental works.

A.      The Fortsyte Saga and A Modern Comedy

B.      The Fortsyte Saga and The End of the Chapter

C.      The Man of Property and The end of the Chapter

D.     The Man of Property and A Modern Comedy